Because "rain" is both verb and noun

Dear teacher,
Because “rain” is both verb and noun, I can’t decide which one in this sentence.
I try to do two possible sentences. Please tell me which is correct.

  1. The farmers are hoping to rain.
  2. The farmers are hoping for rain.

Hi mingvt,

The only possibility is hoping for rain - meaning hoping that it will rain. The first sentence is impossible because the farmers are not going to rain!


On the other hand, you could theoretically say:

The farmers are hoping to reign. :wink: :smiley:


In this case, the farmers will hold or pull the rein(s).

Pity the poor questioner !!!

Dear teachers,
Thank you for giving me some more new words.
I think it is very interesting and unforgettable to learn lessons from my own mistakes.
Thank you all of you.

I agree with Mr. Alan. The only correct choice is “hoping for rain”. As what he pointed out, the farmers cannot rain; unless of course, you meant to say “reign” like in Miss Amy’s example.