beach / peach

  1. Raman is selling peaches at the marina beach.
  2. I met Raman in the marina beach, who was a real peach.
  3. Life would be peaches and cream if I have a house at the marina beach.
    Please correct the above.

Is this sentence OK?
“I met Raman, who was a real peach, at the marina beach.”
Thanks for correcting my sentences.

It sounds good to me.

I think she needs to capitalize M and B and say ‘Marina Beach’ since it is also referred to as the name of a place.

Yes, I too was thinking something along those lines. To me it sounds like marina beach is not the proper name of the beach, but more of a description of where it is located. If it is indeed called Marina Beach, I would not use “the” - so “I met Raman, who was a real peach, at Marina Beach.”

Yes, I agree.

[The wide street by that beach is called Marina Beach (in the metro city of Chennai, India), and a person passing through or driving along the road doesn’t have to go to the beach but can enjoy seeing it as they move on. Then, if they really want to go to the beach to spend time watching the rippling waves and enjoying the sprinkling breeze, we may have to say: They are going to the beach at Marina Beach though ‘beach’ would sound repetitive. Is that right?]