Be in the NEWS. Tell us the headlines of today.

Hey guys!
It has been a long time since i posted any message, so here I am.
In this thread you guys can share News headlines and things that are happening in your country/city.


I am afraid today i have no good news as such because conditions are very critical in my city particularly. I live in karachi and there has been a tragic target killing episode goingon since saturday/ sunday. It is not a pleasant scenario but still i am hopeful that things will get better.
Another heartbreaking news is that the oil prices increased by 10 rs that is very disadvantageous for people of our country and many people have detested this and asked the government to take action and decrease oil prices.
Furthermore, Our under 19 cricket team performed very well and were recieved with open arms at the airport when they returned home. Thats something good. I guess thats it for today.

Now its your turn people?? Keep posting, Keep updating and be in the news

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Where do you live, CG?


Everyday we see bad news comming from Pakistan! Although you’ve a great tem of cricket which give us another picture of Pakistan. :slight_smile:

It’s all about media and it’s coverage. I don’t know why Pakistan and pakistanis are projected as you know how we are projected, Although there are many good things also. I guess we are not united anymore as we used to be before. It’s true that people are dying everyday here but no body seems to care even our government and that is really sad. Everyday people are afraid of going out side thinking they may never come back and this is all happening because everyone is thinking about their vested interest and they want to destroy Pakistan as much as they can. This is really sad that things have gotten worse and apparently its getting harder to hope for betterment. Still i believe people have courage to go to work, earn and practice Real islam, that is peaceful and fullfilling. =) Thanks for your concern anyway


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Who wants to destroy Pakistan? Are they inside or outside Pakistan?

What do you mean by “real islam”? Do you believe that there’re many kinds of islam?

Feel free to answer these question. I’m a kind of person who wants to know everything.


It is my opinion that people within our government as well as some other people who say that they are muslim and they kill people, such as people in afghanistan want to damage Pakistan. Serious measures should be taken by our government to take action against such terrorist acts. Due to bad things happening around the world muslims are potrayed as terrorists and Pakistan is also being blamed for having people who are terrorists, which may be true or may be not.

However, if people become humans again and do what they are supposed to do for example; don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t hurt anyone’s feeling, etc so i think this world would be a better place. There are many things in Islam that many muslims including myself don’t know but what i know about Islam is not portrayed on the media and infact it is always opposite to that. Yes! i believe there are many kinds of Islam because many people i see who are divided into casts are not infact muslims but they say they are. I don’t want to name them but i think that they aren’t. I also want to add that i may not be a good muslim and know it all but the thing is that i think people who are supposed to know Islam don’t want to know either.

There’re good people who consider themselves muslims and there are bad people who call themselves muslim. So you can’t say that those people are not muslims because they do bad things. That’s why islam seems to be dangerous. We have to judge people according to they character and not basing on their religion.

We don’t need to become humans again. The solution for all the problems we are now facing is banning all existent religions: christianism, islamism, budism and so on. These religions came to divide the humankind. If god is the same why we have different religions? This is the condition we have to reunite the world.

No, there’re many people who think in different ways. That’s it.

You may not be a good muslim but I’m sure you are a good person with a valuble heart.