be busted

“He was busted at JFK for packing heat.”
–Failed to decifer that short sentence: he was busted for packing heat alright, but how was JFK involved?..

He was arrested at New York’s JFK airport for carrying (a) firearm(s).

Thank you, Bev.
Never would’ve cracked it. Eat your heart out, Francis, the next ode about Bev would be mine.

LOL. You’re welcome. No need for poetry - it would make me blush too much.

Perhaps this would spare you blushing: “The Welsh love leeks and never more so than on St David’s Day.”
–Never tasted it. Is it really that great?

ermmm… no.
Just a mild onion-like vegetable.

Most Welsh people prefer Welsh cakes on St David’s day… especially if they’re served hot, almost straight from the bakestone.

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Hello, Eugene:

I do not know whether it is used much anymore, but people (especially the young) in the United States used to yell “Busted!” when someone was discovered to have been untruthful:

James: I had a date with Mona last night.

Nancy: No, you didn’t. Mona was with me all last night.

Joe, Martha, Ralph: BUSTED!.

James lowers his head in shame and quietly walks away.