Based on my TOEFL scores I can tell that i need help

Well i would like to start with thank you. You guys in this forum make a great team. I never knew about this web site and im sure all the members are satisfied with the help that they get from this forum board.

I took my toefl test twice, first i did 76 and second 68 thats horible. I need to improve not to get worse. It seems that i freak out at the speaking part. I cant talk when im limited and can’t come up with not even with one idea. i just cant do it. Readin i do OK, writing i improved and listening i think im good.

Please someone tell me what do i need to to to get a score of 82. I must get that score in the test of 23rd of June. Since there is not much time left any sugestion it will be helpfull for my improvement.

I hope this wont bore you to death.


Good luck to all test takers.

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As you said, now you have trouble with your speaking. I think the problem is that you are nervous when pressed for time. So the best way to improve is to practice at home to get familiar with the limited time. 45 seconds is not a long period of time, so try to speak out what is in your mind, I mean the idea that you come up with at first, and don’t forget to take advantage of 15-second preparation.