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“The Yelp staff recommends that you contact complainers directly and not do it in a public way, which I think is really interesting and backward,” Debbie observes. “To me, it just makes sense to do it publicly because I assume a Yelp review is actually a representation of the thoughts of many customers. So if they’re commenting, then it’s probably not just that one person who may have had that experience.”

The combination of “interesting”, which sounds like something positive and “backward”, which seems to have a negative connotation, is rather odd, in my opinion.

So what could be the meaning of “backward” in the context above?

Thank you.

I believe you’ve read ’backward’ correct here.
To me ‘interesting’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘favourable\approving’, it’s just something arousing curiosity or interest. I think it’s close to ‘strange’, even ‘unexpected’, in your excerpt.
Check out “If their meeting today was any indication, this visit was going to be interesting - if not uncomfortable.” for example—‘interesting’ and ‘uncomfortable’ coexist happily.

Thank you, Eugene.