Babylon - the real story.

On the very first day of the fourteenth century, a momentous occasion occurred. It began as a day much like any other. The sun rose, the people awoke, workers began to work, babies began to cry. But all of that was interrupted when a giant flying space ship crashed down from the skies of Babylon.

  • As the smoke cleared the door to the spaceship opened and inside were hundreds of beautiful, half naked alien women. Suddenly the sky darkened and the ground began to tremble and shake and then from the depths of the Earth rose a Robot dinosaur bent on eating the beautiful half naked alien women……

But luckily this had all been forseen by the Ninja general commander whose ninja army unleashed a giant fireball that brought the robot dinosaur to its knees, saving Mars, Earth and the nude Amazonian Alien women all in one sweeping motion. The earth was saved Jebediah and Aleena were allowed to marry by alien king Xardon.

It was to be the first Human nude Amazonian Alien Woman wedding, and no expenses would be spared. All of Babylon and Mars were invited to join in the celebrations.

The wedding was held on a brisk summers day on Mars, with all of the survivors of the great Ninja War and the Black Plague present.
They feasted and laughed and it was a joyous occasion the moment the bride and groom kissed, King Xardon performed a mind-wipe on all humans, thereby erasing all knowledge of these events from their minds, and sent them back to Babylon. For seven hundred years these events would be forgotten by mankind until one day a great writer by the name of Ambivalent Lurker, would stumble across them in the desert.

sounds quite interesting, Jamie. May I ask you to go on with the story? What happend to the great writer? Have he found a rest of the wedding cake? I´m eager to know the continuance…


Im not really sure what to do Michael??

I mean should I really rewrite 700 years of history ?

Change the world as we know it?

Someone told me - “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

What do u think I should do?