Attending a live performance or watching it on TV

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Some people like attending a live performance on the scene, whereas others prefer watching the same event on television. As for me, if money permitted, I would go to a live performance without hesitation, for it is more exciting and enjoyable.

In the first place, the atmosphere at a live performance can never be attained by sitting in a couch in front of a television. All the screams, the glimmering lights, and most importantly, the figures of the performers make me excited and send my blood running faster. I never forgot the experience of attending a live concert of a singer I admire with great intensity when I was in high school. Camera flashlights were flashing all the time, glimmering sticks waving and a sea of shouting surging all time through. When I asked my friends about the same concert they watched on TV, none of them responded with the same enthusiasm as mine, though they were also fans of that singer.

Secondly, attending a live performance gives one the authentic idea of what’s going on on the scene. As we all know, media such as newspapers and magazines can not report the genuine atmosphere of live performances and leave much for the reader to imagine. While television can play the live video record of the show, the commentaries can sometimes misleading. There’s a saying that all is not comparable for one to experience himself. So in this sense, attending a live performance offers us a unique experience that no other thing can replace.

Although someone may say that buying tickets for live performances are much more expensive than watching the same events on TV, which has virtually no cost at all, and that the attempts to get to the spots where the performances are held incur more efforts, I believe the excitement and the authentic feelings that live performances bring to us are well worth the extra money and energy.

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