At night VERSUS in the night

Hello! How do you feel?.
I?ve always used the preposition
“at” with the word night.

For instance, I work at night.

I have heard of some conversations
in which “in the night” is used. Not in
the sentence above. Though maybe, I can
use it here as well. I don?t know.
Could you help me to
distinguish between “at night”
and “in the night” and when they
are used?. Is there any rule?
Give some examples, please.

Thanks a lot!


At night is the common and idiomatic phrase, Jesus. We use in the night occasionally when we wish to communicate clearly that an event occurred within or during the night-- that is, while the night was passing. For instance:

I thought I heard a scream in the night, and awoke to find I had fallen off my bed.

Hello, Jesus

Once I also I asked this question. See below please.

‘At night’ versus ‘In the night’