as you claim to be

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask what the phrase “as you claim to be” implies in the following context:

With regard to the Nebiruans, whom you have identified as the problematic three-dimensional race of aliens trapped in an elliptical orbit between Sirius and Ra, there is significant disinformation and confusion circulating among even the most informed people in our circles of light. There are sources here who declare that these are actually intelligent light beings who have ascended to the higher dimensions after assisting our ancestors, the Atlanteans, and who are serving us, as you claim to be, from the higher realms.

As I understand, the last sentence in the passage implies that these Nebiruans are serving us from the higher realms. But what’s the meaning of “as you claim to be” here?

Whoever the person/people are who are being spoken to (identified by ‘you’ in the first sentence - 7th word) say that they are in the higher realms.

Thank you very much, Beeesneees.