As part of Marina Abramovies groundbreaking exhibition

As part of Marina Abramovies groundbreaking exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the artist herself logged 700 hours over the course of 3 months in a small chair. Visitors were invited to sit across from the performance artist’s stolid countenance, for whatever ------- they desired, the -------- sitting for only a few moments and the bold sitting for several hours; the visitors thus became --------- components of the piece, wittingly or unwittingly.
Blank (i)
tenure possession - occupancy - ownership
Blank (ii)
Blank (iii)

I know the answers. But I feel a little difficult with the meaning. Could someone make it easy for me?

Hmm, so she sits in a chair silently and visitors can sit across from her, for as short a time or as long as they want. So this is a kind of performance art. The visitor becomes a part of the art while he or she is sitting there.

So the easiest one is “the -------- sitting for only a few moments and the bold sitting for several hours” This is obviously the opposite of bold - looking at the answers, there is no obvious answer - I guess it is not that easy. So moving on to another line of thought, I think you would have to be stubborn to sit for so long, for the “short sitters”, if you are irresolute, you don’t have as much tenacity, so I would go with irresolute.

For the first blank, “for whatever ------- they desired” it seems obvious that they can sit for whatever reason they want. Looking at the answers, the closest thing to reason is motive, so I would go with that.

For the last blank, I think the sentence sounds fine without anything at all in the blank. I guess that may make it more difficult, but try picking a word that reinforces “became” or “components”. I would go with “integral”, since that would mean necessary or important components, reinforcing the word “components”.

Note, I looked up irresolute and it basically is the opposite of bold, so my first train of thought should have worked if I was more polished on my definitions - at least I got the right answer!