as if in between times

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if a construction ‘as if in between times’ exists.

For example, I am trying to say that an artist sang a song, she did it as if it is one of the regular songs she usually sings. But that song is the special one, unsimilar to the rest of her repertoire. So, she sang it carelessly, as if in between times.

Thank you

A couple of points -

‘as if it was/were

'a special one’

not similar/dissimilar to’

This -

doesn’t really work. I’m afraid. ‘In between times’ is another expression meaning ‘in the meantime’’ as in"

As your car is at the garage , you can borrow mine in the meantime until it is repaired.


thank you for correcting me. I appreciate it very much.

I understand the expressions: ‘in the meantime’ and ‘in between times’. I am struggling to explain to my audience that she did it as if it was a regular song, not a special one. So, I am trying to find a phrase to express that situation. She does not realize that that song is not similar to other songs. I am trying to describe her as an ignorant/naive about her own repertoire.

I hope it is clear.

She did it without a second thought. She did it carelessly, in the regular order, as if it is one of her many songs.


maybe you can give me a hint about what idioms are applicable in such a case.


That’s a tricky one and the best I can come up with is -

without having to think about it/without stopping to think

Any good?

I am still puzzling about it. Your suggestions are ok, they are simple and comprehensible. I think I’ll use them, they are better than mine. it would look like that one:

We got very surprised as the man (without stopping to think) sang the song about the warrior, about whom we had not heard before.

Does it sound all right?

Slight changes are required.
This has a formal ending:
We were very surprised as without stopping to think, the man sang a/the song about a warrior of whom we had not heard.
This is the same sentence with a less formal, more natural ending for speech:
We were very surprised as without stopping to think, the man sang a/the song about a warrior we hadn’t heard of/about (before).

Dear Beeesneees,

Thank you for your reply. Indeed it sounds more natural and laconic. I have to work on this. It is my weakness.

again, thank you.