[as a part of] or [as part of]


I read this sentence from this link.

• North Korea Drove Home its insistence on a light-water reactor for producing electricity as part of any bargain on dismantling its nuclear program.

My question is that should the bold thing corrected like this?
→ as A part of any bargain.

Because in this context, I don’t think “part” used as the number 3 definition in Oxford dictionary;
3-[uncountable] part of something an element or member of something; a person or thing that helps to make up a whole or belongs in it

Rather than that, I reckon it has the number 2 definition.
2-[countable] a section, piece or feature of something.

Am I wrong?


It’s an example of definition number 3: an element of something bigger. In this case any bargain can happen only if a certain requirement is met.