As a matter of gliss

Hi teachers,

My friend said that the phrase “[color=blue]as a matter of gliss” means “as a matter of joy” but I couldn’t find the meaning of gliss yet. So, is my friend correct?

Does the word “gliss” exist in English?

Thanks in advance


I am almost convinced that he mistyped “gliss” with “bliss”, if you were communicating via Internet. However, there is a word for happiness and joy starting with “g”- “glee”.


I only know that in music area gliss is used as a shorten form of ‘glissando’.

(Possibly, it can also informally be the shorten of ‘glissade’?)

smooth gliss

Hi SkiIucK and Tamara,

Thanks for your helpful reply.

I also thought it’s a mistyped and I’ll reassure him very soon.

Of course, I found that “gliss” is a short form of ‘glissando’ or maybe ‘glissade’ too, but I think it doesn’t make sense to say “as a matter of gliss” at all.

Thanks again


Hi Jupiter

I’ve never heard the expression or the word gliss (except that there is a company in Germany named “Gliss” :lol:).