Artificial pronunciation

Schedule is artificial pronunciation. I’ve heard that not even all British and Canadians pronounce it that way.

[color=blue]What does the author of this statement mean?

Unfortunately, I 'm not familiar with phonetic transcription yet, but I think that the author refers to the fact that “schedule” can be pronounced in two different ways.
(like “skedule” or “shedule”)

I’m sure, Torsten or Alan can make some statement concerning this :wink:

Hi sonny nice to meet you, I’ve noticed you took some time to reply good. as for the “artificial pronunciation” you’re right it has to do with phonetic so it means that has two different meanings?

I meant two different sounds.

Hi, Rich! Nice to meet you, too :slight_smile:
Yes, the word has “two different sounds”, but I’m not sure if that’s what is meant by artificial pronunciation.