Article "What makes a good teacher"

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about studying? Teachers, exams, marks and so on, right? In this I’ll try to write what does perfect teacher involve.
First of all, I have always thought that a good teacher makes studying process more effective and enfoyable. Although I had a lot of teachers in my life, at first in school, then at the university, at different courses, seminars and training courses where I was improving my qualifications, I must admit that a few were a good teacher in my opinion.
To my mind a good teacher must be intelligent, open-minded, gregarious, cheerful. Also he must be able to make a process of studying more interesting to arose interest at students. He must be very qualified, especially if it is about medicine course or airplanes construction as it connects to people’s safety. The lesson have to include changeable types of work, for example while delivering lecture it is great to make some kind of conversation between students, or a kind of competition. Because such changes in ways of information delivery helps not to miss the concentration of the audience.
What I should add is that studying process lasts forever, because life teaches us too, and it’s up to us to take it’s lessons or not. The thing is that it’s often not about teachers, but about us, do we want to get to know something new, or not? Teachers are just a little connectors to the knowledge world.

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I think so, that a good teacher should not only be an expert on what s/he is teaching, but also know how to make the course appealing to students.

BTW, I think there are some mistakes in your essay.
Enjoyable, not “enfoyable”.
I must admit that a few were good teachers. (because a few means a very small amount of people, but not one person.)