Article usage

Hi All,
I wanted to know if I can use

A history of search engines”

In principle, yes. Of course it all depends on the context.

Thanks for your reply.
Can you please provide me some authoritative instances so that I can support this.
There was a heated argument in my office regarding this

As I said, it depends on the context. Can you provide that?

Supposing you have search engines A, B, …, N.
And you have recorded each activity of A, B, …, and N.
That is, you have created a history of search engine A, a history of search engine B, …, and a history of search engine N.
Thus, collectively speaking, they are a history of search engines A, B,…, and N = A history of search engines.

“Air miss” again, BN! :slight_smile:

Hi M3h3m3,

I am curious why there should be an argument about:

What form did it take? The indefinite article is simply another word for ‘one’ as in ‘one singular’.

In your remark:

there is another example of the indefinite article, which is virtually the same.