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hi everyone! This is my first post and I want to ask you if I can use ‘the’ in this sentence: if you don’t get better I’ll get you . . . hospital.
thank you very much beforehand

You need to say - I’ll get you to the hospital. If you mean that you will arrange to speak to someone on the phone at the hospital, you would say - I’ll get you the hospital

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thank you very much for your anrwer, Alan. But can you explain to me why ‘. . . get you to hospital’ doesn’t work here, please?

Yes, you are right. ‘Get you to hospital’ is fine. I added ‘the’ simply to make it sound more urgent - in other words to the hospital near where we are now. I hope that makes sense.


Just a note, that in the US, we don’t say “go to hospital” or “get you to hospital”, though like the UK, we do say “go to school” or “get you to school”, also “go to college”, “go to war”, “go to work”. I have no idea why we Americans treat hospital differently and require “the”.