article + adjective e.g. 'have nice holidays' or 'have a nice holidays'?

i’m not sure that it is correct

Have a nice holidays (holidays as a plural noun or singular)??
or have nice holidays ?

it seems terribly confusing to me :expressionless:

‘Have a nice holiday’ is the commonly used expression. Grammatically, it’s either ‘a holiday’ (singular) or ‘holidays’ (plural). The indefinite article can only be used with singular count nouns.

In the United States, a holiday is a specific date on the calendar (EG Christmas Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.).

Some offices/companies also refer to personal days off as “personal holidays” or some such term.

When we go somewhere to have fun, we call it a vacation.

Tom: Are you going on vacation this summer?
Jamie: Yes, we’re going to spend two weeks in Miami.

Tom: What are you doing for the Martin Luther King holiday?
Jamie: I think I’ll stay home and catch up on sleep.

thanks :slight_smile: