Arrive home vs. Get home vs. Come home

Hi teachers,

Please see the following:

[color=blue]He arrived home at 6:00.
He came home at 6:00.
He got home at 6:00.
What is the difference betwen them?

Thanks in advance


There’s no difference between these sentences, Jupiter. They’re different ways of saying the same thing.


I would say they all mean the same.


…and if I wrote:

1- He arrived home at 6. (no double zero(s))

How do you find it now?


Hi Tom

It might be written that way, too. It’s more informal, though.


Hi Jupiter

To me your three sentences have the same basic meaning, however “He came home at 6:00.” has a more definite sense that the speaker was also there (at home) when “he” arrived. In other words, the perspective is slightly different.

Your other two sentences could be used more easily by someone who is reporting the time “he” arrived, but wasn’t actually there to witness “his” arrival.