Are you living Holland? My name is Boltje...

Are you an English speaker? Do you need someone for hanging out somewhere in Holland? We may can be friends!
My name is Boltje; female 33 y.o.; I am happy married couple. I love to practice my English, if you are free. Please hit me back!

Hello Boltje,
Nice to acquaint with you. My name is Jeanstrang, but U can call me Trang. I’m female too. I’m 16.I’m from Viet Nam. I’m a student of Le Quy Don High School. Where do you live in Holland ?

Hi Trang,

Nice to meet you. I live in Hoorn. It’s about 30 minutes from Amsterdam. Have you ever been to Holland before? Do you enjoy this site? I am using many websites to develop my English. I love to study English very much. I hope it’ll work with what I am doing now.

Kind regards,

hi Boltje! I’m yendel. I come from Vietnam, like Trang. I’m 21 y.o. I always sing E songs everyday. hihi, although my voice is not nice. In my coutry, there is a famous school named Hanoi- Amsterdam. Hanoi is our capital. This shows the friendship between Holland and Vietnam. Hope we are good friends. Nice to meet U!

How do you do ?
Dear Boltje,
Nice to meet you. I haven’t visted Holland. But I know a little about Amsterdam. Can you tell me about your homeland ? Nice to meet you!!! Write to me soon

Hi yendel!!!
I want to be your friend, don’t I ? Where are you living? And what do you do ?

Yea, what did you heard about Holland? Holland is a small country with sixteen million people. There are many foreigners living there and bicycle is one of the famous transport in Holland.