Are you a mug or a cup user?

Isn’t it funny all the different kinds of drinking vessels aroung the world? Before living in England, I used to drink my coffee (or tea) in a cup – the kind that has a handle and a narrow base and which you normally use with a saucer. But for many (too many!) years now, I’ve been a mug user – mugs are fun and practical, I find. Cups and saucers only come out of my cupboard on special occasions.

The French often like their morning ‘caf? au lait’ (white coffee) in (usually quite big) bowls, at least for breakfasts at home. In the Middle and Far East, tiny cups are used – Arabic or Turkish coffee is (endlessly) drunk in tiny handle-less cups, with or without a holder.

Have you ever drunk wine from a ‘bota’, a typical Spanish leather bag? It gives the wine a lovely, unmistakable flavour and keeps it nice and cool. The ‘bota’ was a common (and important!) feature in my childhood picnics. I was never able to properly drink out of this kind of shepherd’s sack, and often spilled some wine on myself. Unfortunately, it is hardly ever used nowadays –

We also have the ‘botijo’, which is a traditional clay water jug that is also falling out of use, except perhaps in the south, and has become a decorative item – .

As with the ‘bota’ or the ‘porr?n’ (another traditional glass wine pitcher), a skillful and artful drinking technique is required.

And how about the famous German beer mug for that wonderful ‘liquid nourishment’, as the Bavarians call it. No special skill is needed for that one :slight_smile: ! A nice, cool, overflowing beer ‘Krug’ and a TV set must be two favourite companions for many a soccer fan these days… Prost!

Hi Conchita,

Give me a mug any day. Though I tolerate the cup when needs must, it’s never the same and I pine for a mug. The bigger, the better. I also love the giant cup and saucer, of which I have a few. Be it tea or coffee, I like the idea of the dish of something into which you can sink your lips and teeth. It’s like a sort of immersion. Goodness I’m practically drooling as we speak. Alas it’s only 3.40 and it wouldn’t be seemly to make the tea now. I’ll have to wait till at least 4 and then out will come the king size mugs and Ill be able to dunk a biscuit or two or three into the delicious pool taking care not to let the biscuit outstay its welcome in the pond of delight and go all soggy and fall in.



Dying for a cuppa myself now! Such an Alanesque (read picturesque) piece, too! You should enter it into a tea brand advert competition!

Have a nice tea time!

PS: All this typically British timetable keeping for drinks is really amusing. But it makes things all the more attractive and enjoyable, I guess.

Hi Conchita!

I don?t know about drinking from a ?bota?or a ?perron? but have you ever been in a Bavarian beergarden while the sun shines and heats the air up to more than 30°? You can decide between a special wheat beer, what isn?t everybody?s taste, and a normal Bavarian beer. It will be offered in a 2 litres mug only. Try that! You will experience that it smells fine and doesn?t irritate your thoughts. But when you think you have taken fluid enough and you will bring it away, the toilet is most likely one mile away and you are blunderring along the the whole mile inbetween people who are watching your behave. :wink: Don?t you think that requires any skills to keep cool? :lol:

And there is another usage of drinking beer. It?s called drinking a boot. Here you have a mug formed like a boot that mostly contents 2 litres of beer. This usage you do with some friends, I mean all drink from that boot. If you aren?t powerful and sensibel enough you can experience how wet you can get from half a liter of beer.

Of course, this seems to be a bit barbaric but rather funny! :slight_smile:

Wish you a nice weekend with cold drinks