Are we consuming ourselves?

Deep overindulgent navel gazing…

Are we consuming ourselves with all those things?

Some Psychologists say the way we interact with each other and our environment is akin to a form of collective psychosis. In theory we are animals and therefore have two primary subconscious motives: survival and attracting a mate. Now that survival is a gimme we spend far more time thinking about social and sexual issues than any animal in History - gifting us an obsession with ‘prestige’ and our rank in society,or in consumer terms our consumption. "The principal way we now display ourselves is through our purchases. I Pads Calvin Klein Mercedes etc now effect our innermost impulses, capitalist society not only exploits our evolutionary tendencies but it amplifies and distorts them replacing traditional human interaction with Consumption.Meaning we often replace normal mating rituals with simply having a flashy car. But this media driven celebrity circus is not making us happy. Instead we are awash with addictions and depression in a ocean of prescription drugs. Mental health issues which were a stigma a generation ago are now everyday conversation. So what happened to us? Did we destroy our utopian dream on petty jealousies, anxieties and our obsession with prestige and our place in society?

I suppose even if we as a people have gone up ourselves in overindulgences the psychological cost to modern culture is relatively small. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that the kind of growth rates we have been getting around the world in recent years are not sustainable, Measures taken to address its impact, such as recycling, renewable energies and enduring design are only treating the symptoms. Our main hope is that is may be only a temporary illness which we can grow out of enabling us to stop borrowing all that money from all those banks to buy all those things we don’t need to impress all those people we don’t like.

Hm… in ancient times that guy having the biggest bone knotted in his hair also enjoyed the highest reputation. That guy having had the most colourful feather in his headdress was voted as chief of the tribe.
I don´t think this is a temporary illness but part of mankind which we not yet have learned to overcome. My hope is that mankind once will learn to cope with this attitude.

On the other hand: how could we differ from each other. We all (most of us) do have two eyes , one nose and one mouth in face, two arms, two hands, one torso, two legs and two feet. Oh… there is a little difference, of course, that parts one half of earth population from the other. I think this difference shouldn´t be abolished.

keep your ears up

Hi Michael are you alluding to Feminism? I think Men and Women should be treated differently depending on context of course.