Are these sentences natural? Oct 24


Are these sentences natural to a native ear?

[color=blue]1. I was just reflecting on how far we have come in the last five years…

  1. This section helps calculate annual marketing fees.

  2. If you google Canary Wharf, you will see its picture.


Hi, your first two sentences sound very natural. I guess your third one is correct, but using “its” here sounds strange for a place, like Canary Wharf is the name of your pet bird. I would probably say “If you Google Canary Wharf, you will see a picture of it.” (I am still not willing to give up the capital letter for Google, even when it is used as a verb, although some may disagree.)

Thanks Luschen.

The Canary Wharf I was referring to is a business district in London. Does your suggestion still stand?

Hi Musicgold,

Not too happy with:


You really need an object after ‘helps’ since the section doesn’t calculate by itself:

This section helps b[/b] calculate annual marketing fees.