Are these sentences natural? March 1


Are the following sentences natural to a native ear?

[color=blue]1. Go for it, it would be a good two-day outing for you. (I was suggesting a friend that she should go for a two-day work related seminar)

  1. Can someone describe me the process I should go about for this?

  2. For your records, I will off next Friday.


  1. This is another comma splice. An “outing” is usually for recreation, and usually does not extend over more than one day, but your use is not impossible. Your comment should say “suggesting to a friend”.

  2. This is not right. You could say “Can someone tell me / explain how I should go about this?”, for example.

  3. “I will be off next Friday.”

Another option for #2 could be: “Can someone describe to me the process I should go about for this?”