Are these sentences natural? Feb 27


Are the following sentences natural to a native ear?

  1. She was ready to come here instead of me. (I was talking to a friend about how my sister wanted to go to that function instead of me.)

  2. Don’t mean any disrespect to you, but this plan is not going to work. I am willing to give it in writing,

  3. Was that he here for? (wanted to speculate why a person was in our office).


Thanks Luschen.

I think I should have explained my #3 a bit more.
A person, who is not a regular visitor ot our offices, came unannounced. I asked my collegue why he was there. She told me that he was there to pick his check of a trivial amount. I was surprised that he came just to pick the check.
So I explaimed, was that he here for?

How would you say it if you were in my place?

Oh, in that case I would say “Was that what he was here for?”