Are these sentences correct?

Hi everyone.

Can someone help me with these sentences, please?

Is this sentence correct?

  1. I graduated from (should we use the-article here?) university/college/high school N-years ago and haven’t studied anywhere else since then.

and this one:
2) I don’t put any special meaning in this word/term/meaning/notion/…

I hope you understood what I was trying to say in the secod sentence :slight_smile:

Is there a correct way to say something like that?


1 is correct - no article

  1. is odd. Possibly:

I don’t mean anything special by using this word/term/…

To me the position should be:

  1. I graduated from a university/college/high school N-years ago and haven’t studied anywhere else since then.

  2. I graduated from the University of Oxford/… school N-years ago and haven’t studied anywhere else since then.

  3. I graduated from Oxford University/… N-years ago and haven’t studied anywhere else since then.

(I don’t think sentences 1 & 2 will be fine without an article)

I repeat
1 is correct - no article.
The use of the article there would be unnatural within this sentence.

No enquiry was made regarding your sentences (2) and (3).

I repeat: I gave only my opinion, because I could not swallow what you said. You know pretty well why I added those two sentences similar to the original. Don’t lose your tolerance! Spend your time more fruitfully so that the forum users may benefit from it. Now they must be, to quote you, LOL. Do not be imposing. Let the posters/onlookers/users on the forum decide for themselves.

Frankly and honestly, I do not have time for such tit-for-tat dialogues.

  1. You are not ‘repeating’ that.
    I simply restated that what I said was correct, for the benefit of the poster to whom you gave incorrect information. (Basically because the information came from me, and your prejudices mean you will never accept what I say, as outlined in another thread.)

Yes - because you were mistaken.

So you don’t think it’s fruitful to correct misconceptions?

I doubt it. They must be sick and tired of the confusion.

… says he, imposingly!

Then why persist in creating them?

Let the whole episode be buried so long as you are reluctant to revisit your realm of concept and correct yourself. It is not sensible to prolong any further, say what you wish and be happy about having the last say in all that you poke your nose into.

I have no need to correct myself.

Well done for getting the idiom right that time.

You could try this:
I don’t assign/attribute any special meaning to this word/term.

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Those of us who drop in now and again on this forum as I do nowadays must get tired of this Punch and Judy ding dong. Oh for the old days when there was an air of give and take on the forum and several voices could be heard. I fear that potential newcomers are put off and fear to open their mouths!

Even I’m tired, Alan. Thanks for your intervention. Let’s look forward to hearing fresh and innovative pleasing voices with the air of ‘give and take’.

If only some people could accept what is said without sniping.