Are there any hard of hearing people here?

My name is Maria and I am hard of hearing. I got my hearing loss when I was 5 years old. I have been integreted with hearing pupils for the first class to half of the ninth class. When I changed schools to Alvik a school for hard of hearing pupils in Sweden.

Maria, going by the number of questions that are asked and never answered, I’d say quite a lot of people here are hard of hearing/seeing.


Hi Kitos!
Are you hard of hearing? Are hearing ards free of charge in your country ? In Sweden you have to pay different fees depending on were you live in Sweden. Many hard hearing people have objections about it.

Hello Maria… you say that you are hard hearing. But that means ( as I understood) you can hear something don’t you?
If the answer is yes … so the modern medicine can solve easily your problem. Why for example don’t use the “earphone” (if I said the correct word.?)

That’s called selective hearing/seeing, nothing hard about that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Medicine can’t cure hearing loss. I have never heard of that. I can’t be the only hard of hearing people in this forum. I know there are many forums for hard of hearing people on the net for exemple “Beyond hearing.” That is a mailing list. But they write to much in that mailing list and my English is not what it ought to be.

I guess all of you are hearing people or pretend to be like hearing people. Many hard of hearing people pretend to be like hearing people. Some of them don’t want to use their hearing aids and some of them choose deaf identity because they find it easier.

But your way in writing is smart , and we don’t need to use our ears in these forums…

My father is hard of hearing too and he refuses to use the earphone, I told him I will buy it to you… but he said if you buy it I will smash it under my shoe!.

I think the earphone is suitable and the feature is that it could hardly be seen.

Thank you

I know that many hard of hearing people don’t want to admit their hearing loss. I met a hard of hearing person once who got angry with me when I said, "I can see you are hard of hearing like me. He was going to hit me. Maybe his wife has forced him to wear hearing aids and if he didn’t want to do that she would divorce him.

lol… That’s strange,

I would like to tell you a thing , we will not live twice, if we care too much about what people say or how they look at us… we will lose our enjoying the life, and then we will lose our whole life… that a thing we realize it but unfortunately when it get’s too late.

If I’m hard of hearing, I will at least try to put the earphone a month or less , then I will see if I can live without it or not…

My regards

Sometimes it takes time to admit your hearing loss I know. I didn’t admit my hearing loss before I started at the school of Alvik a school for hard of hearing pupils in Sweden. I was 14 when I started in Alvik.

When I had started Alvik I begun to learn more sign language too. I had no real use for it before I thought. I also started to whatch more Swedish TV-programs with subtitles.

I’m not sure if i’m allowed to ask you the following questions but i’m sure you are kind enough, dear Maria…

It is only 3 simple questions to knowing the concept or the meaning of how hard of hearing are you…

1- If someone whispered in your ear, can you hear him?.

2- If you used the earphone, can you hear with it?.

The last question is: can you talk naturally?

Thank you very much

Answer to question number one is no.
2 I haven’t found out was an earphone is. I use hearing aids.
3. I can talk naturally. Many people say they can’t hear I have a hearing loss. That’s both good and bad with having a good speech. If I have had a bad speech many people would understand that I had a hearing loss and I hadn’t been forced to tell them about my hearing loss every blessed time I can’t hear what they say.

That is good philosophy…

I wish you the best.

Thank you.

I don’t either. In fact, I hate people who whisper in my ear. It is really irritating. :?

When I was in primary school they had a sort of a whispering game. One person should whisper a word and the other person should repeat the word to the other person in the circle. I hated it. I was forced to go together with hearing children in primary school.

Happytofita wrote:

If beautiful woman whispered in your ear telling you : I love you. will you stay hating the whisper?..

That equals the whole world in my ear… I mean in my eyes hahah

Thank you…

Beauty does not matter. If someone I love whispers in my ear, I will tell him/her not to do it again.

I also don’t like people who touch my hair.

hahah Is there anything else??