Are quality and popularity synonymous terms?

Are quality and popularity synonymous terms?

Many persons have no adequate qualities but are very much popular, why does this happen on the world? Do you have any idea about this matter?

More hings, like you have seen at your university the teacher who was very much learned, but he was cornered by administration. Or you feel your chosen candidate should be elected as a president, ultimately, a man of guile has elected!

Is this not a so much interesting matter? Where is the draw back lies?

Behind core Management or dark Leadership?

Dear Mr. Minhajquazi,

As long as there are human beings, there are egos and there are all sort of Politics in every disciplines and professions.

So we have terms like bias, favouritism, internal politics and etc. in management books.

kind regards.

P.S- Now, I see your topic is in wrong place. I agree.

Lol! Yes, how did it happen I have no idea yet? Though I posted it, at “what do you thing about” thread?