Are comic books good to learn English?

I’m just curious - seems to me that it would be helpful to have the images there to help match the words.

has anyone tried this and found it to be helpful or not?

I did that sometimes more with German then English,
I will not expect a lot from this but surly it is helpful
vocabulary used in comics mostly is a bit diffrent from
standart written English forms, it will be helpful to express
yourself short and effective way.

Hi Jan,

I’m intrigued. You describe your location as at sea. Let us know more about your work and where you operate.


well, i am a seaman and since many years I work at sea just
as a seaman in almost any kind of shipping ,right now east Mediterranean Sea for something like four weeks.
Later -who knows?
Greetings from Mr Neptun,

it sounds like a rather exciting lifestyle - how many languages do you speak or are learning?

O dear !
Unfortunatly I don’t speak proper even my mothertongue.
About learning languages,I learn my entire life sometimes this sometimes that and most probably I have to keep doing this , it is so much change around.
Life at sea is not exiting, but i like it.
have fun with comics.
Sailor Jan

I have some experience in writing comic books, and I think it would be very confusing for a beginner to try to learn in that way.

really? Why would you say that?

I would think that the images would help make the reading easier, but if you’ve experienced the opposite I think it’d be great to talk about it.

Hi Jan, that sounds very interesting. How do you go online? Are you using a satellite internet connection on your vessel? How much time do you get to spend on land and how do you spend it?
Please tell us more about the life at sea.
Thank you!

I think some of us (including me) are just slightly envious of the lifestyle Jan enjoys, even though it is not all bed and roses for him/her.

About comic books: the language used in most comic books is often simplified, designed for English grades 4-6 (that is 10-12 year old boys/girls).

This is actually somewhat useful for a beginner.

I repeat, just to be sure everybody has understood
I am a seaman, what means I am on the bottom of food chain and life at sea is not more exiting as life in any jail with periodical color TV on (ports ) ,sorry to disappointed you.
I can’t be sure about my internet connection it is definitely via satellite but I will not take a risk to describe technical details, I have no glue.
My type of ship requires internet for production ,it means at sea ships are mostly without internet just some amount like up to 10% (very optimistic number).
I spend my free time at home paying bills and praying everyday for some mercy from USA financial policy
USA dollar is international currency and seamen’s are paid in USA dollars ( I think about 85% up to 90% of all employees).
Not a lot of people can afford to loose 35/40 percent of income in four years time.
If Mr Bush will not start to take more seriously his debts,
idea about USA dollar as international currency will just collapse.

I did some funny mistake.
It should be, I had no clue
I had no glue what has been written by me ,is a bit to sticky I guess.
Bye bye