Are 2 months sufficient to prepare for getting good Score in GRE

I am thinking to take GRE in mid July 2008 and will register myself within a fortnight. There are lots of doubts haunting me which I wanted to be cleraed before I register myself for this exam. First,Is it late to take exam in July for getting admission for fall 2009 in good University ? Second, If I give exam in July I get 2 months time to prepare for GRE.Is this time sufficient, if I devote 3 hours per day for the prepration. Third, What is the syllabus of Quant portion for this exam ?Fourth,Is the Verbal section to much word power oriented and seldom do they ask questions based on Grammar?

No, it is not late to take GRE for this fall. In 2 months it is possible to secure good score. What you need for that is good preparation material. There are lots of softwares and flashcards available which guarantees good score, but only few stick to their promise. I will recommend you to purchase whole package for GRE, so that you will not need to buy different products from different sources. It can also consume your time. So just go for one GRE package which contains all GRE things for all sections and just devote your time in studying rather than wandering for materials on internet.

The one can be: GRE Hacks

Depends on what scores you are aiming at…you need to practice till your parctice test come up with the score you want consistently or else you might be dissapointed if you chance it…there are those who get luck simly because they got lucky …but depending onluck is nto a good startegy if you want to get to grad school…Whatever yo get on power prep will be closest to you actually score…