Appearing as a 'Guest'

Hello Slava

I introduced to a friend of mine and advised him to appear as a guest, and if he liked it, he could register. But, later, he told me that he could not appear as a guest. Every time he tried, the log in page opened, forcing him to log in! :shock: Can’t we appear as guests now? Where is the forum’s hospitality? :shock:


Hi Tom,

As you know we used to allow people to post on our forum as “guests”. The vast majority of messages came from spammers who exploited our “hospitality”. Any potential user can read any message to get an idea of what our forum is about. (You don’t have to register to read messages, only to post messages.)

As a user you will get support and information from moderators and fellow users for free. All you have to do is register as a user which takes about 1 minute. I’m sure any person who truly wants to improve their English will be ready to make this type of “commitment”.

We don’t want to “force” anyone to do anything. You and your friend can decide themselves how to use our forum.


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