Anyone ever used a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Hi, what is your favourite brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners? I’m just thinking about trying out a Dyson and it would be great if you could share your experiences. Maybe some of you have a Hoover, if so, what do you think of it?

Also, have you tried to learn English while you are vacuum cleaning? It might sound like a crazy concept. But you actually could listen to audio books while you are hoovering. If your vacuum cleaner is silent enough, that is. Which brings me back to my initial question.
In the meantime I wish you happy hoovering. (or dysoning)


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Hi Torsten,

Avoid Dyson if you can. I had the all singing and dancing one and it fell to pieces and the performance with emptying the plastic tube was very messy and complicated because you never really got it clean

Go for a Sebo - made of course in Germany. They are more expensive but they are classy!


Alan, many thanks for your advice. I had never heard of Sebo before - time to check into it and try it out.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I go for whatever looks good at Sears. Their house brand is as good as the more famous brands, mainly because they’re made by the same companies in the same factories.

I’ve heard that those vacuum cleaners with the clear plastic tubes are much messier to empty than bag vacuums are, but I’ve never tried one. Alan’s story is what everyone else has told me too.

The robotic vacuums are now cheap enough so that I’ll probably have one of those soon.

I Jamie,

What do you mean by robotic vacuums – are you referring to vacuum cleaners that are operated by robots so all you would have to do is program the machine and sit back?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Good boys! Doesn’t this thread look rather futuristic? I mean, it’s been a men only thread so far. And what are they discussing? Hoovers, of all things!

Hats off to our hoovering connoisseurs and keep up the good intentions!

PS: And now there’s also a new thread about washing machines! Qui dit mieux – sorry: who can raise the stakes?

Hi Conchita!

I wonder what experience you have regarding to men? :wink: Or are you a fighter for women?s rights? :shock:

However, I think there isn?t any reason to complain, is there? Liked to hear your answer!

And don?t hesitate, call me Macho! 8)


:lol: :lol:

Oh dear! What a reputation I’m getting! Curiously enough, I don’t think I’m overly feminist – I’m not even sure everybody has the same definition of the term, anyway.

Isn’t it funny? In Spanish ‘macho’ simply means ‘male’. So, by these standards, you are one, of course!

Hope you’re feelid’ buch better frob your cold!


Phankf for beft wifes, Comphita!

Your cooking and vorwerking Michael

The vacuum cleaner IS a robot! They’re little circular machines that you can set loose in your house and they learn the layout all by themselves. Then they program a route for themselves. They don’t get into every little nook and cranny, but they do the major work, and then you can finish the fine points.

Here is a page that shows some of them: … eaner&kwd=[robotic+vacuum]&s_kwcid=robotic%20vacuum|557225057

Conchita, what planet do you come from where men never vacuum or do laundry?

And since you think it’s so great that men do housework, I’d like to ask you a question: Do you change the oil in your car yourself? Or rotate the tires? My sisters can do light automotive and household repairs, but they never complain that men don’t do housework. There seems to be a pattern: If a woman can do traditional “men’s” work, like fixing cars or building things, she never complains about men not doing more housework. If she CAN’T do traditional men’s work, she complains that men never do any housework.

This is my experience, anyway.

Very interesting. Looks a bit like a huge MP3 player. Imagine: A vacuum cleaner playing your favourite songs![YSaerTTEW443543]

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All this is very well, but have you noticed that traditional “men’s” work, to use your expression, isn’t usually done on a daily basis? Fortunately, the men in my family do some housework chores and I know quite a few others who do, too. But this isn’t the normal pattern in any of the countries where I’ve lived or been to and I’m almost sure they are all on this planet :slight_smile: !

As to car repairs, I’ve never had to do any myself. I think I would know how to change a wheel, more or less, but have never ever done it :oops: .

I’ve never noticed this. My dad did his work every day. Then he came home and usually helped my mother with what was left of her work, so his day was as long as my mom’s. And he helped even though he could be very stressed out! On Saturdays and Sundays he was doing repairs and other things that needed to be done, so his week was as long as my mom’s. If my mom was sick, he did everything. The only real difference between my mom and my dad, where work was concerned, was that at the bank my father didn’t have the luxury of telling his employees to be quiet while he took a nap.