Anyone done Focus Prep GRE?

Hey guys,

I’m studying for the GRE with hopes of getting into a top 3 journalism school. I need a 1500+ and I’ve been doing princeton review books that I got from my ex bf’s friend. This girl I know is doing this program called focusprep. I was just wondering if anyone has done it and how it is. I told feel like talking to her cause she’s a total douchebag and a half. Here’s the link: [color=darkred]removed
Let me know what you think. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the information. I just tried to skim the demo, but the link is not working. It sounds impressive, but 11 minutes per day for 30 days sounds almost too good to be true…, but maybe worth a try.

The original poster works for the company…they’re spamming all the forums…