Any suggestions for audio Russian materials?

Hi, can anyone suggest an audio course/audio materials for someone who wants to learn Russian? The person in question is German, learned Russian at school and wants to improve their Russian speaking skills as soon as possible. So he looking for something like Pimsleur or something with German translations.

Many thanks,

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Hello Torsten,

Maybe you can try this website and see how it is:

[color=blue]BBC - Languages - Russian - A Touch of Russian - A beginners’ guide to the language

Hope this could help.

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Hello Hoado,

Yes that’s a great idea! Many thanks, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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There is a Princeton Russian course for free download here:

The old Russian FAST course from the US Foreign Service Institute is downloadable for free here: … ge=Russian

Neither of them have German explanations, but they have lots of audio practice.