Any studies on how the Internet is affecting the English language specifically?

Hey all!

Im doing a project for uni on how the widespread use of the Internet is affecting the English language and creating what can only be described as a brand new dialect. I cannot seem to find any kind of peer-reviewed studies on this affect. Would any of you wonderful people know of any that id be able to study?

Thank you all so much!


A lot has been published about the language of netiquette including what impact emojis and internet acronyms. The question is why exactly are doing this project and why are doing for ‘uni’ whatever that might mean. Who is going to benefit from your project and how?


Sali Tagliamonte has done some work on internet language with a focus on English.
Just browsing her website I found this: So sick or so cool? The language of youth on the Internet.

I’ve read this recently, where she talks about - among other things - how tricky it is to study the influence of media on language.