Any one tending to have better scores in TOEFL, especially speaking,...

I had already added somes of id of our english-test community. However, i still have not received any of response from them. Thus, i wonder if we can again give our email so that we can learn more from each others. In addition, i am vietnamese, thus welcome all of people having the similar time zone to my country. Thank in advance.

TOEFL listening lectures: A university science lecture on Island Biogeography


I notice that you always post essays here. I think the time is nigh for you to consider posting in what do you want to talk about? You will benefit a lot. You can read and write new posts everyday, which is good. You can look up new words and see how people write. Believe me it would be very helpful to you. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Just try your utmost and write the best English you can.

Now, push yourself. :smiley:

: o)