"any longer" versus "still"

Dear teachers,

Please read:

1.Will you stay any longer?
2.Will you stay longer?
3.Will you stay any more?
4.Will you stay more?
5.Will you still stay?

a. (1), (2), (3), (4) have the same meaning? If not, what is the difference in meaning?
b. What is the difference in meaning btw (1) and (5)?


1 to 4 are the same: They refer to time.
“Longer” applies to physical length or time; whereas “More” usually refers to quantity, so “Longer” is better.

They all refer to some period of time: “than two weeks”. When using “any longer” or “any more” there is no need to specify “than…”; it is implied. Whereas without “any”, “longer” or “more” should be followed by “than…”.

5, Is a different question “Will you still stay even though…” some other factor applies “… your are sick”; “…the weather is bad” “. . the show is over”.


So, what is the difference in meaning btw:

Will you still tay?

and: Will you stay any longer?