Any ideas on change management?

Hello everybody,

Many thanks for providing me with the opportunity to practise and improve my English language skills. I have recently been to Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman where English is the main means of communication in addition to Arabic.

The purpose of my stay was to organize and conduct an active exchange of experiences and ideas on how to manage business projects in an international setting and the participants of our seminar were managers of the Central Bank of Oman.

Now, I would like to share my views with all of you here in this forum - I understand that most members here want to improve their English. We can achieve this by discussing various subjects of interest in English. So, if there is anybody who would like to get more information on business management and appropriate vocabulary - I’m here for you to answer any questions you might have.

One of the most dynamic business projects in the Oman is the Knowledge Oasis Muscat, a place for young entrepreneurs who have good communications skills and interesting business ideas. If you like, I can give you more details about it.
Let me know what you think. Regards. Uwal

Hi Uli,

It’s a good thing you have found your way to us - here is the right place to communicate in English with professional people from all around the world.
In the Blog entry of October 3 I mentioned our talk after your business trip to the Oman and the Knowledge Base of Muscat is definitely a project I’m interested in getting more information on.
You brought up the term ‘change management’ and I thought maybe we should try to explain to the other forum members that indeed we can discuss various business issues in order to practise and improve our English. How about if you give us some more vocabulary related to change management so we get a better idea as to how it relates to other Business English topics? Thanks in advance. Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello everybody,

As far as I understand the ongoing globalisation and liberalization of foreign trade as well as the privatisation and de-regulation process we are seeing today result in the following:

  • permanent changes in market structures
  • distribution channels
  • communication methods
  • partners, customers, networks….
  • substitutes to commodities and services etc.

The competition in many markets is and will be much stronger.
This means market oriented companies have to adapt to the new circumstances in order to be successful.

This open-minded supportive attitude of all team members towards change, to life long learning in my opinion is the most important challenge companies are facing today.

Some employees, workers, even managers fear that these changes will endanger their position in the company, in their organisation or in their business community.

For that reason they sometimes develop a change resistant attitude. To overcome these obstacles change management has in my view (amongst many other functions) the one task to integrate as many human resources as possible into the change process, to create and maintain an open-minded atmosphere to make change sustainable and successful.

We appreciate your comments on this rather contradictory topic, your personal experiences with changes in your business community. Which are the instruments you apply as a manager to convince your team members that well prepared and implemented change is the only chance to survive in global markets?

Hi Uli,

Your thoughts on change and globalization are very interesting. There are a lot of different aspects related to this topic and I would like to discuss them with you and all the other members here on our forum.

Maybe, we should take it one step at a time though.
First, I would like to invite everybody to share their expierences on the follwing question:

What has changed in your life within the last few years? Maybe, you have obtained your university degree or you have become a mother or father?

Have you taken up a new sport or hobby? What do you think about change in general?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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