Any bird can be as beautiful as a vulutre.

In Burmese we have this saying.

Any bird can be as beautiful as a vulture .

It’s a good saying for me as a reminder , not to be arrogant.

If you have the similar saying in your language, please post it.

kind regards.

I remember the only one Polish saying: “Every wagtail boasts its tail”- but I’m afraid that the meaning is completely different.


Thank you , but I think , as you said, the meaning doesn’t seem similar.
What don’t you try some more my dear.

kind regards

Because my IQ is probably very low. At least recently,-for sure!


The smallest bug is the biggest stinker:)

Arroganz ist die Perücke geistiger Kahlheit:
Arrogance is the wig that covers intellectual baldness.

Taken from the 19th century German satirical publication “Fliegende Blätter” (Flying papers). I’m a huge admirer of Wilhelm Busch (not to be mistaken for the fictional William Bush of the Hornblower novels or the brother and uncle of the two American presidents ::grin::slight_smile: who worked for Kaspar Braun and Friedrich Schneider, the publishers of Fliegende Blätter.


Thank you Mr. Yuri and Ms. Claudia

It’s good to learn, especially these days.

kind regards.

We also have a saying which says:

***Prey teaches hunter.

Do you have one like this?

kind regards.

And original topic should be “Any bird can be as beautiful as a Minah”. Not a vulture.

My apology then. Oh dear…

**Noun 1. Minah - tropical Asian starlings minah - tropical Asian starlings

kind regards.

Hi Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin,

We say “Eggs do not teach a hen”.

Take care,

Dear Mr. Yuri,

I like that. "Eggs do not teach a hen. Brilliant saying.

Thank you.

kind regards.

What is your opinion about these Hungarian ones?

The owl tells the sparrow that her head is big.

Pepper is small but strong.

Weeds don’t spoil.

He keeps silent, like a deaf pig in the wheat-field

A hungry pig dreams of acorns.

Two dogs can hardly agree on one bone.

Gnawing on bones is for dogs having teeth.

A crow does not pick out the crow’s eye.

Sparrows cannot be caught by beating a drum.

He who is conceited, will easily be ashamed.

Man is a wolf to man.

Even good tree has, sometimes bad fruit

Whom a serpent has bitten, is afraid of a lizard.

What you do not wish for yourself, do not do it to your fellowmen either.

He who mixes with the bran, will be eaten by the pigs.

A scalded dog fears even the rain

Many geese overpower a pig.

It has never been so, that it wouldn’t have been anyhow.

A falcon will not breed a dove.

Barking of a dog, is not heard in Heaven.

The magpie wants too much, but her tail is unable to carry it.

Hi Kyew and everyone,
Thai proverb saying : “Teach a crocodile to swim” I think it has the same meaning of " prey teachs a hunter" or “Eggs do not teach a hen”

I like this Thai proverb " A frog in a coconut shell" which we use for describing a person who lives in a small world or kind of a dumb person. Do you have any proverbs like this?

Dear Ms. Unchan,

We, Burmese say " Like a frog in the puddle of cow’s hoof print.

kind regards.

My original topic means, " Even a learned person has to learn things, which he is not yet skilled, even from the skilled juniors.

kind regards.

Hi Unchan,

Nice to meet you.

We say about dumb people: “As important as a bump (or a pimple) on the even surface”.

Take care,

Hi Yuri,
Nice to meet you too and Thank you for your reply.