Antonyms Types?


I need an explanation of the Antonyms.

Accept / Refuse
What is the type of Antonyms here? Binary or Converse?

Can you explain the difference between these two, please?
Although I read it many times but I still can’t decide on the type of the antonyms of new words I might see on the way.

I have a definition for the (Binary Antonyms) in my college book.
Such pairs exhaust all the possibilities so that the assertion of one antonym implies the denial of the only other item.

While (Converses) has the following definition:
They describe a relationship but only differ in only one feature and the direction of the relationship.

So how can I actually know if there is a relationship between the verbs (Accept) and (Refuse)?

And can you check my answers, please?
I just gave it my best shot.

arrival / departure (Converses)
ascend / descend (Converses)
attack / defense (converses)
ally / enemy (Binary pairs)
agree / disagree (Binary pairs)
bend / straighten (converses)
beginning / ending (converses)
blunt / sharp (binary pairs)
blame / braise (binary pairs)
bless / curse (binary pairs)
bravery / cowardice (binary pairs)
build / destroy (binary pairs)
captivity / freedom (binary pairs)
combine / separate (binary pairs)
conceal / reveal (binary pairs)
demand / supply (converses)
despair / hope (binary pairs)
disease / health (binary pairs)
dusk / dawn (converses)
ebb / flow (converses)
economise / waste (binary pairs)
expand / contract (binary pairs)
export / import (converses)
exterior / interior (converses)
few / many (binary pairs)
find / lose (binary pairs)
first / last (converses)
frequent / seldom (binary pairs)
forget / remember (binary pairs)
friend / enemy (binary pairs)
frank / secretive (binary pairs)
gather - distribute (binary)
guard - ward (converses)
guest - host (converses)
hasten - dwadle (converses)
hate - love (binary)
heavy - light (binary)
height - depth (converses)
hero - coward (binary)
hill - valley (converses)
horizontal - vertical (converses)
hinder - help (aid) (binary)
hunger - thirst (binary)
imitation - genuine (binary)
imprison - free (binary)
include - exclude (binary)
increase - decrease (binary)
inferior - superior (binary)
inhale - exhale (converses)
intentional - accidental (binary)
join - separate (binary)
junior - senior (binary)
king - subject (converses)
knowledge - ignorance (binary)
laugh - cry (binary)
land - sea (converse)
landlord - tenant (converse)
lawyer - client (converse)
lecturer - student (converse)
less - more (binary)
maximum - minimum (binary)
me - you (converse)
night - day (binary)
open - shut (binary)
optimist - pessimist (binary)
past - present (converse)
peace - war (binary)
permanent - temporary (binary)
poetry - prose (binary)
poverty - wealth (binary)
singular - plural (binary)
shopkeeper - customer (converse)
simple - complicated (binary)
speaker - listener (converse)
sorrow - joy (binary)
sow - reap (converse)
stand - lie (converse)
vacant - occupied (binary)
victory - defeat (binary)
virtue - vice (binary)
voluntary - compulsory (binary)
vowel - consonant (binary)
wax - wane (binary)
wisdom - folly (binary)
within - without (converse)

Has anyone checked my answers yet?