Antonym to infinite


Hi, can you please tell me what a good antonym to ‘infinite’ would be in the context of ‘resources’? I wan to say that our resources are not endless, that they will soon come to an end and be depleted. Thank you.


Well infinite is actually in-finite with the prefix “in” meaning not. So the opposite of infinite is finite.


Other good antonyms are scarce and limited.


Thanks a lot for this. So, can I say ‘the resource on our planet’ are not infinite but scarce and if we continue maintaining our current life style they will be soon depleted’?


Yes, but there are many different resources, so the plural “resources” is better.


Thank you very much Luschen!


Why go far? The word FINITE will be more appropriate as explained and exemplified below!




limited in size or extent.

"Every computer has a finite amount of memory."


Thank you Anglophile!


Antonym to “infinite” is Finite. Unlimited vs limited.