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What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today ? Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

To be successful in the world to day, besides having a deep knowledge and experience, people also need some useful skills for their jobs. In my opinion, the ability to use computer and the Internet adeptly is one of the most crucial skills that we need to learn. Clearly, if we know little about the computer as well as the Internet, we will encounter some problematic situations and even be regarded as out-of-date.

To begin with, the tremendous development of the information technology has led to the ubiquity of the computer and the Internet. It is evident that they have become essential parts of our lives. Clearly, nowadays people utilize the computer in most of their activities. The students use it to find the useful information and type essays; the managers use it to store the information of products, people or salary; the architectures use it to draw the outline of a building and calculate exactly the figures. With a small machine, people are able to do multiple things at ease. Hence, could you imagine if you are not able to use the computer well ? It is clear that you do not have much assistance from the computer and thus it is really time-consuming to do all things by yourself. As a result, you do not have much time to concentrate on your major and you will be outweighed by your counterparts.

Moreover, using computer and the Internet is really helpful in some urgent situations. For example, if you have to attend several consecutive important conventions but do not have much time to travel between the two destinations, you can hold online conventions instead. As a result, you will not miss any of them and even can to sign some profitable contracts for your company. Take one more example. If one day you forgot to bring your reports with you to the meeting, you can phone your colleague to ask him/her to send them to your mail box. Then you just simply print it out. It is really convenient and helpful.

All in all, it is really disadvantageous for us if we are not skillful enough at using computer as well as the Internet. Everything will become much more difficult for us when we step in the real world without their assistance. If now you spend a little amount of time studying how to use the computer well, you will save much more time for you afterwards.

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