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Some people prefer to plan activities for their free time very carefully. Others choose not to make any plans at all for their free time. Compare the benefits of planning free-time activities with the benefits of not making plans. Which do you prefer—planning or not planning for your leisure time? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

People are either to plan activities for their free time carefully or just relax and do whatever that comes to mind on their free time. Both of planning and not planning have their own pros and cons; it depends on how you would like to spend your leisure time.

Planning activities for free time carefully can make you learn something that will be useful throughout your life. During my childhood, my parents filled my weekends with lots of extracurricular activities such as swimming class or piano class. Because of these plans, I have set up some good habits. Whenever I am too stressful, I can always play piano or go to swim to reduce my stress. The benefit of planning activities for free time is you can use time more substantial.

On the other hand, the benefit of not planning any activities for your free time is that you can free your mind and do whatever it tells you to do. Sometimes it is good for your health not to think and plan too many things during your free time. Let your brain relax and let your instincts lead you, they might have a good surprise to you.

As for me, I prefer to plan activities for my free time carefully. Because I have little free time every week, I want to use it more wisely and not to waste any single minute. Perhaps I am influenced by my parents, I think people should plan good activities like going to museum or do exercise for their free time. However, sometimes I plan not to plan any activities for my free time.

To sum up, spending your free time with planning or not planning activities are both good for you. The only thing you have to learn is always enjoy o free time no matter what activities you do.

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Hi, I thought this essay was one of your better ones. Your structure is pretty good, with a good thesis statement and topic sentences. You don’t have very many grammatical errors, although you do have a few odd sounding phrases and your vocabulary is pretty limited with a lot of repetition in you phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.