Another commas: She also appeared in a Steven Spielberg movie, The Color Purple

  • She also appeared in a Steven Spielberg movie, The Color Purple[color=red], that same year.

  • Having a keen business sense, Winfrey decided to produce her show herself. (It’s already correct.)

  • Harpo, the word Oprah spelled backwards[color=red], became the name of her production company.

  • Winfrey[color=red], a generous person, uses her enourmous wealth to support numerous charities.

  • Fortune 500[color=red], a business magazine, consistently lists Oprah Winfrey as one of the most successful women in America.

Did I put the right commas there?

How about this by the way?

  • The man I admire the most in the world, Zan Perrion[color=red], will be in Vegas in January. (correct?)

Yes, all correct! There is a spelling error in “enourmous”. Oh, and you cannot use “another” with a plural noun: you could say “even more commas”.

Yummy! :smiley:

A woman without her man is nothing.
A woman, without her, man is nothing.

The best way to handle commas is to learn “how not to need them” !!!

Hamburg, how does this relate to Aikuzo’s sentences? It would be hard to point out a comma that is unnecessary. In general I agree with you that adverbial constituents at the start of a sentence do not always need a comma.
The second of your sentences, Hamburg, does not make sense to me. It would make sense if you changed the first comma to a stronger stop, and removed the first article.