Another beef?


It’s going to be another beef, I’m afraid. I live on a busy road or at least my house is on a busy road and since the weather has improved a tad (temperatures are reaching high levels for here) people tend to drive with their car windows open. And now to the beef! They have their stereo system on full blast and as they power down the road, you can hear the repetitive thud of their ‘music?’ until they reach the bottom of the road and turn off. It’s very irritating. The question is how is it possible to drive carefully with that racket bashing your ears?

Alan (slightly deafened)

Alan, these drivers probably have not just loud stereo systems in their cars, but also a subwoofer to add extra bass tones. They don’t even need to have their windows open to shake your house. When I’m driving down the road and a person with a loud subwoofer is somewhere nearby, my car starts shaking too.

I have no idea how easy it is to drive carefully with one’s car vibrating like that, but it’s probably highly individual. I just think those things should be illegal for the intrusive noise they make. I can imagine someone’s baby waking up several times an evening from the noice and vibration in the house, not to mention the sheer irritation to the adults.

Thanks Alan, that’s a new use of the word ‘beef’ for me! It will beef up my knowledge of English no end…

As a young teenager, when I loved a song, I felt the urge of sharing the immense pleasure it gave me with as many neighbours as possible – I just had to play it at full blast. Deep inside, though, I think it was more a case of needing to show off my oh-so-very select taste in music and to flaunt how cool I could be.

Maybe these guys do that to assert themselves or they simply need to be admired (and, in this respect, advised, too!). Funny the lengths we will go to attract attention – hey, wouldn’t this make a good thread of its own?

Hi everybody

I must admit, I still enjoy pumping up the volume in my car from time to time. I don’t do it often, and I don’t have any fancy schmancy subwoofers or anything. It seems to happen when exactly the right song is played on the radio at exactly the right time. In other words mood and serendipity seem to be the deciding factors for when things get loud in my car. But, I doubt that it’s ever quite as loud as what Alan is describing. :lol:

One of my neighbors has 2 teenage sons. And things can get annoying in the summer when they’re home alone on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You may want to enjoy your terrace or patio. But that’s hard to do when they’ve got their windows open and music blaring away at maximum volume. And I’m pretty sure they must have some pretty respectable woofers and tweeters (or whatever you call that stuff. :lol:) It wouldn’t be half as annoying if these boys at least had similar taste in music as the rest of the neighborhood… :wink:


Hi Alan,
don’t worry about those cars, at least you can’t hear that dog barking that much. :slight_smile:

I have these huge trucks running in front of my face with the speed of light all night long, the whole house is shaking, but you know what?
I don’t care!
I keep swallowing my fury till I get total fed up, and walk out with a full loaded rifle, and let the real party begin, you darn TRUCKERS YOU…

Alan, we better stop complaining, it still could be much worse if these TRUCK DRIVERS would decide to buy that stuff INTO THEIR TRUCKS, now THAT’s what I call an issue. :slight_smile:


For me there is some music you can?t here low. I mean hearing the Bells toll at the beginning of ACDC?s Hells Bells is the half joy only. Or a piece played by John Mayall “Racehorse Man” in a live version form 1987 you can?t have the full benefit of, if you don?t hear it full blast! Of course, that isn?t good in a car!