Animal planet stuff!

Here’s a good one I did not understand, I was watching one of my favorites; Diary of a lion. There was this guy speaking of a lioness and her cubs on the prairie, when she and the cubs are hungry she sets out to hunt, at the very moment she sees an antelope she prowls and closes in stealthily, that’s when the prey suddenly notices and takes off with a thunder but it’s too late it’s just a matter of survival. Any way at this very moment the narrator says as follow (or should I say here"follows"): that’s when I wish the antelope gets back at the predator and sticks their antlers into the lioness’ mouth and “clean her clock”. What the latter means?

Also have you heard this: red nature.

[color=blue]To clean somebody’s clock is an idiom meaning to beat or defeat somebody decisively and finally. To clock means to hit or punch somebody.

As follow[color=blue]s is correct. (third person singular)

Red nature might refer to a lot of things. Can you give me the context of this expression?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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