Analogy questions: reason - think, accumulate - hoard

This is a Analogy question. Can u tell me the answer?? Please specify the bridge also.

(A) reason : think
(B) accumulate : hoard
© neglect : abandon
(D) surpass : cheat
(E) discourage : burden


Hi abhi_ofdoon

I’d choose
(B) accumulate : hoard

I guess the “bridge” you’re looking for would be positive : negative
“Mediate” and “meddle” have similar meanings in that a third party becomes invoved in a situation, but “mediate” is positive (done to find a peaceful, positive solution) whereas “meddle” is negative (the third party interferes)

“Accumulate” and “hoard” are similar in this respect. You can accumulate things in a positive sense (knowledge, information) but hoard involves an unnecessarily large stock-piling of things, often detrimental to others (negative).