An itinerant?

Hi, could anyone please tell me when to use the word itinerant? I’ve found it in the lyrics of the song Big City Lights by Mattafix from London. Based on the context I think an itinerant is a constant wandering about in search for something. Is that correct?
Thank you!

The Linguist across the seas and the oceans,
A permanent Itinerant is what I;ve chosen.
I find myself in Big City prison, arisen from the vision of man kind.
Designed, to keep me discreetly neatly in the corner, you’ll find me with the flora and the fauna and the hardship.
Back a yard is where my heart is still I find it hard to depart this Big City Life.

Hi Andreana,

Itinerant can be used as an adjective or a noun and simply describes someone who travels from one place to another. An itinerant worker is someone who is not living in one place but moves frequently from one place to another looking for different jobs.