An integrated essay- extinction of dodos

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The author posits that extinction of dodos is due to human activities, and provides two reasons of support. However, the professor states that the reason for the extinction of dodos has not precisely known, but the cause is surely not human activities. Then, he refutes each of the author’s reasons.

Firstly, the reading says that dodos were haunted by the Dutch and the animals which were brought by them. As a result, the number of the dodos decreased. However, the professor disagrees with this view, and explains that dodo’s meat was not tasty for the Dutch. For this reason, they did not have any motivation to kill these birds.

Secondly, the reading claims that because the Dutch destroyed large areas of forest, where dodos used to nest and lay on their eggs, the number of dodos extremely diminished. However, the lecturer refutes this reason by explaining that the Dutch did not destroy a large area of forest. Moreover, the professor says that after the deforestation, many of these birds survived.

Thirdly, the author posits that the diseases which were carried by the Dutch and the animals which they brought into the ecosystem, are one of the causes for the dodo’s extinction. However, the professor disagrees this view. He explains that the number of the dodos had been declining before the Dutch arrived in the island.

In conclusion, the extinction of dodos is not owing to human activities. According to the lecturer, the reason has not precisely known yet, but, for the most part, we can say that the nature is the cause.

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